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Team Members

Africa Needs Project Leader Tad Worku in Ethiopia

Tad Worku in Ethiopia

Tad Africa Worku III, Project Leader / Founder

Tad Worku is a Civil Engineer who graduated from San Diego State University in 2007. Tad has founded and developed a research team of engineers dedicated to creating a system, with minimum cost, to ending water-related disease. Through the strong engineering background of the research team, today’s world technology will be utilized to deliver his desire to help children.

Tad lives with his two beautiful children Enoch and Elijah. Tad’s journey began when he grew up in the city of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. When visiting the family in the village he got ill with malaria and was close to death. This was due to the unclean water within the village. He was witness to the villagers walking three miles to obtain water which was unclean. Tad seems himself as fortunate for overcoming these obstacles. As a child he observed what went on in these villages with the water and wants to see it come to an end. Almost dying from the unclean water inspired him to make a change and bring safe water to these villages.

After beginning this mission in March of 2006, Tad has dedicated countless hours. His social communication skills and the ability to lead are a huge asset to Africa Needs CDC, INC. As an African now living in San Diego, California, Tad feels he is the bridge that connects American to these African villages. Tad sees it as his duty to share this problem with the world.

John W. Stump III, Esquire, Corporate Counsel

John Stump is a California Attorney and a member of the Real Property, Environmental and Public Law Sections. Mr. Stump serves the Legal Profession as a State Bar Commissioner for the Legal Services Trust Fund. Graduated from Western State and Thomas Jefferson School of Law. John Stump is admitted before California Courts and 9th Circuit and Court of Appeals. Mr. Stump is Corporate Counsel for Business, Environmental and Community Development organizations. Currently, Mr. Stump is a member of the San Diego Unified District Superintendant of Schools Search Committee, a governing board director of the California Association of Bond Oversight Committee, a member of the Independent Bond Oversight Committee for the San Diego Unified School Districts $2.1 billion dollar construction program; Secretary of the Sigma Delta unit of the California Association of Parliamentarians; and a member of the Executive Committee of the San Diego Sierra Club. John Stump is President of the Chollas Restoration Enhancement and Conservancy Community Development Corporation, a watershed based non-profit in San Diego County.

Mr. Stump has been Chairman of the City of San Diego Equal Opportunity Commission, President City Heights Community Development Corporation, Director Villa View Hospital, Member of the San Diego Select Committee on Government Efficiency and Fiscal Reform, elected member City Heights Redevelopment Project Area Committee.

Before beginning his legal practice, John Stump served as Human Resources Director for the City and County of San Diego Regional Employment and Training Consortium (Workforce Partnership), Director Youth Employment Services for Southfield, Michigan and Recreation Supervisor for several Cities.

John Stump believes that water should be a basic human right for all. This constitutes his involvement with Africa Needs CDC as Corporate Counsel. John Stump resides in City Heights, California with his wife Elizabeth Moore, a graduate of Lincoln High School. They are actively engaged in the cultivation of Koi and roses.

Jonathan Pecor, Chairman

Jonathan graduated San Diego State University in 2006 with a Degree in Business and Public Administration. He was drawn to this project by the sorrow from the happenings throughout Ethiopia. Having relationships with Ethiopians for much of his life, he hopes to make a difference to save those in Ethiopia from the hoffific water-borne diseases they encounter. He has devoted and volunteered time creating proposals and data to research the project. His written and verbal communication skills as well as advanced knowledge of computer technology make him a strong member of the project. His passion to help and drive to make this project a success and save lives inspires other who may not be of African descent, but have a shared interest in bettering humanity.

His inspiration has come from researching this topic after being confronted with the issue from friends and associates. Looking at photographs and videos of children walking miles and being forced to carry water back to the village touched his heart enough to make him get involved. It is a situation Jonathan feels can no longer be ignored and he wants to put forth as much effort as possible to accomplish this goal. His heart was broken by the thought of children dying because they cannot access the world’s largest natural resource. One would think this was happening to his own family when they witness the passion he has to save these innocent humans.

Matt Stojanovic, Vice President

Matt Stojanovic earned a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering degree from San Diego State University (SDSU). He went on to receive his Master of Science in Civil Engineering degree from SDSU. Through their encounters in the engineering department, Matt became associated with Tad. Matt was inspired by Tad’s passion to develop clean water systems in Africa. Matt brings experience and technical skills to the Africa Needs Engineering Team. His technical skills and ability to multi-task make Matt a strong asset. On a personal level, Matt shares the passion that the rest of the team has; Matt has made it his duty to better the lives of those who are deprived of the natural resource of water. Being an engineer, Matt understands the simplicity of delivering clean water and is saddened that these villages are being ignored. Matt is developing technical specifications for numerous projects that will be led by the Africa Needs team, as well as partnerships.


Ismail Kawuki, Project Manager / ICT

Born in Uganda, East Africa, Ismail Kawuki faced many challenges growing up. In addition to the day to day difficulties many Africans face each day, like fetching for water which is not even clean from a distant place, fighting mosquitoes without a mosquito net so that he would not catch malaria, walking to school everyday a mile or so away barefooted; all these were challenges Ismail faced, but non were as challenging as loosing his father at the young age of four. Though he did not know a lot at such a young age, the challenges he faced growing up reminded him of that very event. Despite loosing his father, his mother did not give up hope on him. He challenged him to go to school and expected nothing less than beyond average performance at school. But at the age of 10, all hope seemed to disappear from Ismail when he lost his mother as well. This was a defining moment for him because in Africa, without a miracle from God, a child without a mother and a father stands little chance of survive. With the help of his grandfather, Ismail continued attending school but now less motivated. When he finally got a chance to come to America in 1997, it was nothing short of a miracle because this was an opportunity of a lifetime. Ismail did not waste his time when he came to America; he studied hard, remembered his mother’s words, and thus, got only good grades from school. When he finally graduated from San Diego State University with a Bachelors of Science in Business Administration, he felt the need to help those who were less fortunate; those whom he left behind. He joined his long time friend Tad Worku, who recruited him first as a volunteer; this was the first time Ismail joined Africa Needs CDC. Ismail finally traveled back to Africa (Uganda) in the summer of 2010 to survey some of the basic needs (necessities) people needed.  His eyes are on a mission: to help as many people in need as possible. Ismail is also working on completing his Masters in Education, and after, he wants to also join Tad to also purse another masters in Water Resources.

Hassan Liban, Project Secretary

Mr. Liban graduated from San Diego State University during the summer of 2006 and received an Environmental Engineering Degree. The courses he completed during his studies consist of Environmental Processes and Systems, Wastewater and water treatment, and Hydraulic Engineering. When he was 10 years old during school vacation, he noticed most of the people who live in the rural part of the country did not have access to clean water. He believes the best way to benefit most people is to educate them about how to build and maintain ground water facilities. Also, he explained that rural citizens must learn ways to reuse and collect rain water.

Mr. Liban fist thought of finding ways to design Water Treatment when his beloved sister died of water born disease. When Mr. Liban was 12 years old, a civil war started in Somalia which is still going on. His sister Halima was married to a famous Somali General always had clean and treated water available in her house which was located at a suburb near Moqdisho, Somalia. When she came to Bardheera, a city located southern part of the country; she thought of the water she had fetched at the river was safe to drink. She did not know that river water can have parasites such as Giardia Cyst because all she has known in her life was a safe water to drink. After being sick couple of days, she died of the infection caused by river parasites. After his sister died, Mr. Liban discovered the best and cheapest way to treat river water was to use a cloth membrane system to filter the river water, and afterward put the water in pot to boil for 30 minutes. Mr. Liban and the Team will be dedicating their time to find a system to provide water without disease for Rural Africa.

Thien Nguyen, International Relations

Thien Nguyen graduated in 2009 with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Public Health from San Diego State University. Thien was drawn to this field because of his passion to serve others and for its challenging demands. He comes from a diverse background, having to migrate from a poverty-stricken country of Vietnam at the age of 8. While in Vietnam, he noticed unsanitary conditions of the drinking water, the same problem being faced in Africa. Thien was a volunteer for Africa Needs before becoming full-time in the summer of 2009. As part of Africa Needs CDC, Thien is responsible for confronting complex health issues, controlling infectious diseases, and reducing environmental hazards. Thien serves the local and international communities in protecting the health of the general public today and in the future.

Ting Ting, Intern/Project Researcher

TingTing graduated from Xin Hong Qiao high school in Shanghai, China. She enrolled at Palomar College for three years and transferred to San Diego State University in the Fall of 2008. She is now a senior at San Diego State University majoring in Business Management and plan to graduate this May, 2010. Life is very meaningful to TingTing and her ambition to better the lives of those without resources drew her to Africa Needs CDC. She is inspired by our mission and our passion to develop clean water systems in Africa. TingTing is working on the project which involves the research and implementation of Global Warming and how it affects the atmosphere. She hopes her research report will provide the organization with strong knowledge on this topic. TingTing brings her cultural and environmental diversity to Africa Needs CDC and will be a strong asset to the corporation. TingTing is working extensively by performing research with a focus in environmental analysis.

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