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Global Network

Browse our global network of partners.  To become a partner, visit our contact page for our contact information.

  • Laz Parking – corporate partner
  • Laz Africa Initiative – a partnership between Laz Parking & Africa Needs
  • PADET (East Africa) – local partner in East Africa
  • Teguzibirwa Community Foundation (East Africa) – local partner
  • Girls at Risk Initiative/GRIN (East Africa) – local partner


  • Join us, become a partner (types of partnerships)
    • Corporate / companies (worldwide)
    • Local partners (nonprofit organizations or otherwise located in Africa)
    • International NGOs
    • Multilateral Organizations
    • Bi-lateral Organizations
    • Individuals
  • Member organizations/businesses
    • Organizations that become part of our organization by providing financial assistance to assist in covering our overhead costs.  To become a member organization/business (and/or individual), please contact us asap.


Thank you for interest in Africa Needs CDC.

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